5 Tricks to Picking the Right Storage Company

Interior boxes that hare half packed to be stored in a local storage facility

You are on the hunt for a storage unit but how do you know what to consider when choosing between the many storage companies out there? You definitely want options and convenience.

Before deciding on a space, ask yourself what kind of storage you really need.

1. Heated vs. Unheated Storage Units

Do you have electronics or other items that will break or freeze if left in temperatures below zero? If so, you will likely want a heated storage unit. You can feel comfortable leaving your fragile items in a heated storage facility free from cold air and the frigid Canadian Winters. If there is no need for temperature control, then an unheated spot will be just fine for you.

2. Pick Up and Delivery

Do you find yourself running out of time to do everything you need in a day? Look for a storage space that has pick up & delivery, so you can tick this item off your list of to-dos. Alberta Storage Place is a Calgary storage company that offers concierge storage, all you have to do is pack up your things and have them ready for pick-up.

Are you renting out your Calgary place as an Airbnb and don’t want any valuables laying around? Call your storage company to pick up your packed things and keep them safe and sound then call to get them returned when you arrive home. Do you need your items back on a specific date? You can rest assured your stored treasures will be delivered back to you with care and convenience. Have your items stored, your way.

3. Transportation Type

Maybe you need to store your boat away for the winter but are afraid to leave it outside. It may get destroyed by the weather or worse, stolen. Finding a secure storage space with room for a boat is what you need, but wait! You have an RV too. You need to park your RV for the season but city by-laws won’t let you leave it on your driveway. Your backyard is not an option because your RV blocks access to your garage. Find a storage location with a multitude of storage types for all your transportation and recreation vehicles. Clear out space on your driveway; it’s not a parking lot!

4. Personal or Business

You spend 6 months out of the year away from home and need to keep some items stored away until you return. You don’t want to keep anything at home because your friend will be staying there and needs her own space. What do you do? Call a storage company to rent a unit where you can keep your belongings until you come back.

Maybe you aren’t looking for storage space for your household items at all but you sure could use some storage for your business. Alberta Storage Space is a company that offers flexible business storage for your private documents and those overflowing filing cabinets. Do you have tools, inventory, or equipment that needs to be stored? Self-storage is an affordable solution.

5. Sizing

Do you remember measuring all your furniture before you moved into your new home? Items destined for a storage space require proper measuring as well. You need to see if your items will fit in the storage unit you are checking out. Try to find a storage facility with a variety of size options for your convenience. If one unit is too small, try the next size up on the same property. Don’t waste time driving from spot to spot. With a variety of storage unit sizes all in one place, you will definitely find the right fit.

Your storage facility is a home for your items so pick the right one to satisfy all your needs. Make sure your storage space is clean, secure and affordable.