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Residential Storage


Our Main Self Storage Services

Why we are TOP Rated in Calgary, Alberta

Heated Storage

Heated indoor storage ranging from 5’x5′ to 10’x15′.

Cargo Trailer

Free use of our Cargo trailer on move in, otherwise available for rent.

Moving Supplies

For your convenience, we have a large selection of moving and packing supplies.

Special Rates

We value our seniors, offering you a discount just because.

We provide Professional Office space with Optional Mini Warehouse Bay Rentals.


Heated Storage Solutions

Heated Storage at Grade no ramps, stairs or elevators to negociate

Alberta Storage Place offers secure, heated storage solutions to meet your storage needs.

There are times when you need extra space in the spare room, basement or garage but you do not want to get rid of your valuables.  We offer a real, affordable and flexible storage alternative to store those items.

Heated storage ensures that temperature sensitive items are safe while in storage and not subject to the elements.

  • Optional Insurance. We offer optional contents insurance in the event that you do not have a household policy or you want peace of mind that your valuables are covered. We offer coverage from as low as $7.25 per month and you only need to get insurance if you want it.
  • Complementary Use of Dollies. We have a selection of dollies and carts available for your use on site for move-in and move-out, ensuring the health of your back. We know that it is a lot of work when you are moving so we ensure you have access to this equipment to make it easier.

Our Special Rates


At Alberta Storage Place we value every customer we serve.  We know there are special customers that provide services to the community based on their profession or how they have worked to build a strong community. As a locally owned and operated business, we strive to recognize this contribution in a small way by offering you a discount in recognition for your service.

  • Senior Self-Storage Discount Rates We honour the contirbution seniors (65 years or older) have made in building a strong community by your dedication and commitment.
  • Military Veteran & First Responder Discount Rates In recognition of your service for making the world a better place and keeping us strong and free.
  • Student Self Storage Discount Rates When you are starting out we know that if you ever require storage you want a simple, convenient and affordable solution. We are here to help!
  • Every Day Best Price For Everyone We guarantee our price is the best in Calgary. We meet or beat all Calgary located self storage facilities, some conditions apply.

Cargo Trailer Rental


Check list to move your household goods, business supplies or inventory to storage.

  • Get Packing Supplies
  • Round up some help
  • Try to find a Truck or Trailer

Don’t Panic Alberta Storage Place has a cargo trailer on site free to use on move in. All you need is a tow vehicle. If you have stuff to move just call to reserve the trailer and rent it for the day. Just another added feature we offer our valued clients.

Moving & Packing Supplies


Moving, storage, organization it all means you need Boxes, tape, furniture wrap etc. We are your one stop shop. Call us and place your order. We will put the package together for you to pick up when you are ready and save you the hassle of sourcing everything you need.

We have the following Packing Supplies:

  • All sizes of Boxes, Packing Tape,  Stretch Wrap
  • Mattress Bags, Tissue Paper, News Print
  • Wardrobe Cartons, Sofa Covers, Tarps
  • Moving blankets, Chair Covers, Labels

Select Your Storage Sizes

Why we are TOP Rated in Calgary, Alberta

5'X5' (200 CUBIC FT.)

Accommodates several boxes and other small items. Comparable in size to a small half bathroom. Heated units only. Premium units available within 30' of entrance.

5'X10' (400 CUBIC FT.)

Accommodates several boxes and other small items. Comparable in size to a regular bathroom. Heated units only. Premium units available within 30' of entrance.

10'X10' (800 CUBIC FT.)

Accommodates the Contents of a One Bedroom Apartment. Comparable in size to a typical Bedroom. Heated units only. Premium units available within 30' of entrance.

10'X15' (1,200 CUBIC FT.)

This heated unit holds the contents a 2 bedroom house plus several boxes or an average sized 3 bedroom house without boxes Comparable in size to a large bedroom. Premium units available within 30' of entrance.

10'X20' (1,600 CUBIC FT.)

This unit is unheated and is the size of a single car garage. You can drive into this unit if you have a seasonal car to store. It will store the contents of a Three bedroom house including several boxes.

10'X30' (3000 CUBIC FT.)

Our largest unheated Drive up unit is TEN feet high.  Bring your boat, vehicle, or a whole house contents. We have several commercial clients who operate their business from this Mini Warehouse!

About Alberta Storage in Calgary

Why we are TOP Rated in Calgary, Alberta

Alberta Storage Place is a locally owned and operated business that has offered custom storage solutions to Calgary for almost 20 years.  We offer storage solutions to household and business clients. We pride ourselves in offering exceptional customer service to all our customers.  Of course the best testimony to support this is our Google reviews.